Never before has it been so important for the plans for Harrogate to be correct. Any wrong decisions now will be detrimental and ruin Harrogate’s future prosperity. We have outlined some alternative initial ideas, which we hope will make our town greener, more attractive, boost footfall while offering convenience but there is a long way to go. We would mainly like the NYCC & HBC to hear the voice of the people of this town and unite for the best results.

  • Inform – first and foremost we are here to inform you about the current plans in Harrogate, with details, links, any surveys and the possible effects.
  • Unite -proper leadership unites the people but if there is no clear vision, no clear Mission Statement, no long term sustainable future plan, division is created. There is a lot of ‘pocket planning’ but no overall joined up plan. To use an analogy, the council are lighting little fires everywhere, which all contradict each other and do not properly connect.
  • Encourage- some joined-up thinking by NYCC and HBC with the people and the businesses and keep to us informed. We all pay council taxes and the councillors need to spend it wisely and discourage initiatives that have negative effects on town centre trading conditions e.g. LTN, Parking suspensions, pedestrianisation, damage to our Stray, high parking charges, vagrancy and tired streets. Our petitions are designed to ask the people if they want to throw out any plans that do not make sense for this town and its future.
  • Propose -listen to Harrogate local residents and business community, starting here, to create a proper plan, with travel diversity, realism and VISION. To increase footfall to our shops, cafés and restaurants by creating affordable and convenient access.
  • Care & Prosper -Above all we care about Harrogate and we want it to be successful, vibrant and truly the best & happiest place to live for us and for future generations.

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